Facial Massage Home Business

Facial Massage Home Business

Could a facial massage be a service you offer at home? Does it need any tools & equipment or just skills?  As this niche becomes more and more popular we were wondering how dissicult would it be to open a home massage practice.

Apart from neck, head and also back therapeutic massage, facial massage can also be recommended to consider if it comes of pleasure as well as rejuvenation. Facial massage has by now confirmed to become advantageous simply because of the simple fact which it aids the moisture stability within your face in addition to dispose of the toxic compounds/harmful particles.

This is simply not a very difficult task because you won’t need a lot massage equipment and other massage supplements. You just need a small amount of massage oil, perhaps a relaxing music and of course, you should be within a quite or relaxing place. If you do not know how to massage your face yet, here’s how you can do to accomplish it properly.

The first thing that you do is prepare yourself and the area for the massage. Before giving yourself a facial massage, make sure that the area is already clean to prevent infections and other problems caused by poor sanitation. After cleaning your face, then you’re put some massage oil.

But of course, you also need to make sure that the spot where you intend to stay is also clean. When everything’s set, you can then move on to massaging your face. Basically, you will need both of both your hands – your index fingers, middle fingers and your ring fingers in desired.


Face tapping is probably the way to massage your face. You need to use your fingers to tap your face exactly like you are playing a piano from your forehead to your chin. This may sound like you tend to be simply playing but gently tapping your face is actually very effective way expand the blood circulation, stimulate the nerve fibres and even get sinus relief. Just make sure that your eyes are closed a person are doing this amazing.

Aside from face tapping, you can also focus on your forehead. By just placing your fingers above your eyebrow and then move them in a circular motion, went right be able to feel relaxed, reduce stress or be freed from of the pain if you are susceptible to headache/migraine.

Another part of facial massage could be the ear massage as soon as you will basically need your index finger and your middle finger to form a letter “V”. Your index finger should be located at the back of your ear and the middle finger on the exact opposite side then move your fingers along while pressing them firmly against pores and skin. In this way, the skin in these area will be relaxed which eventually becomes tight.

These are only a few of the strategies you can consider when it to be able to facial massage. Easy, isn’t it? Faster you feel anxious and you want to relax, you can just start the relaxation process by giving yourself a facial massage at interior. And when you have ample of time, you can then drop with massage parlor or spa to get a full body massage for total remainder.